Bénédicte Henicz & LONGWY Paris


Bénédicte Henicz, Artist-sculptor, joins the Maison LONGWY Paris with a first work of art: Amala.

Born in Lorraine in an artist’s family (her father is a cartoonist and painter, her mother creates artworks in iron), Bénédicte Henicz started as a dancer at the Grand Theatre of Metz, and became a professional dancer at the Opéra National de Nancy. She then moved to Paris at the age of 25 and studied sculpture in several workshops and academies, to fulfil her passion.

“To shape is like to massage the matter. Extend the intention, imagination, to achieve harmony “… such is the vision of Bénédicte, and her creation ” AMALA ” — available in earthenware and enamel from Longwy and entrusted to LONGWY Paris —is its utmost demonstration.

Discover Amala and the creations of Bénédicte Henicz at Lux Art Fair from 8 to 11 December in Luxembourg, at LONGWY Paris’ booth 69A.

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