Paul Richard MASON

Paul Richard Mason was born on August 31, 1967 in Rockford, Pennsylvania, USA. At the age of 13, he left with his family the United States for England. Totally self-taught, he leaves England when 25 years old for the south of France, accidentally discovers Saint-Tropez and falls in love with the village.

Also a musician, Mason founded his recording studio and developed several artistic projects – and still performs on stage with his pop-rock band. Along with music, he created his first collection of paintings “The expressions of Man” and was spotted by a large art gallery in New York which offered him an artist residency for a year.

He then participated in his first exhibitions in Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg …), then in the United States (New York, Boston). He went onto open in 2008 his own art gallery in the heart of the old village in Saint Tropez.

Paul Richard Mason is a full-fledged artist: painter, accomplished musician, published poet, and sculptor on wood and terracotta. He finds his inspiration from his experiences, each of his artistic expressions coming from the depths of himself, without restraint.

Paul Richard Mason’s creative process feeds on a multitude of sources. He keeps with him innumerable masses of fragments of images which, for one reason or another, have struck his sensitivity. It is this material that is used for the elaboration of his painting. In his experiments, like the gallery of portraits, he uses black ink, eliminating all things superfluous, and thus renders, by “a shower of vertical lines”, all the sensuality of the faces and their most emotionally significant parts. Thus Mason overturns the way of identifying things by creating forms that are distant from likelihood but express emotions in a pure state, made of just colors, as channels of communication that he borrows to come to us.

In his recent paintings, Mason gives way to more colors, also addressing feminine sensuality, and proposes resolutely contemporary works with architectural style. Recently, he started drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations (the Egyptians and Mayas). This collection of abstract works plunges us into a universe where humans and animals live in harmony.

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Paul Richard Mason