LONGWY Paris & Lux Art Fair


The « Art Gallery » of LONGWY Paris showcases the works of four artists who collaborate with the Maison on the occasion of the first large fair of contemporary art held in Luxembourg.

LONGWY Paris was selected to join the 80 other international art galleries and independent artists for the very first contemporary art fair taking place at the Exhibition Centre in Luxembourg from 8 to 11 December 2016. The presence of LONGWY Paris at an event that is bound to become a landmark in the Great Dukedom not only strengthens our exposure in the nearby country but also underlines, once again, amongst connoisseurs that artisanship and contemporary art do not just sit well together but truly and fully complement each other.

The production in earthenware and enamel from Longwy of works of art that are sometimes quite forward thinking, either as unique pieces or limited series, like Guive Khosravi’s “We are Flower Power“, is a testimonial of the amazing compatibility between a modern take on things and respect for traditional arts & crafts.

LONGWY Paris even dares go further, and combines arts & crafts of various horizons to create new and striking works of art : LONGWY Paris thus invites visitors of the LuxArtFair to enjoy the preview of two new creations  imagined in-house and brought to life by Bogda Szymanski in collaboration with Alain Conti, a metal worker from Longwy and a jack-of-all-trades artist : « Deluxe Candy » and « The Butterfly Effect ». Two unique art works that very much embody LONGWY’s spirit…

The presence of LONGW at the Lux Art Fair will also be an opportunity for viewer to admire the symbolical work of Jean-Luc Curabet « Give Peace a Chance » and « Amala », a creation by Bénédicte Henicz available for the first time in earthenware and enamel.

Definitely a place to go to for art and artisanship enthusiasts. LONGWY Paris at the LUX ART FAIR, stand 69A, from 9 au 11 December – opening on 8 December in the evening.

Website : luxartfair.com. For more information, email us at info@longwy.paris. Free invites to download from : http://www.luxartfair.com/index.php/fr/luxartfair-vous-invite-g

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