LONGWY Paris and its Poinçon


The Maison LONGWY Paris launches its own Poinçon (Seal), as a testimony to excellence and the perpetuation of tradition.

For LONGWY Paris, the continuation of tradition is no empty word or a fashionable trend. A recognition of authenticity, the creation and execution of enameled pieces breathe the very essence of authentic arts & craft, to the point that they should be marked by the seal of excellence, or poinçon in French.

Like a Maison de Haute Couture, LONGWY Paris has its own image, its own style, its own codes ; and strong ethics, with full respect for authentic tradition. Although earthenware and ceramics officially started being produced in Longwy in 1798, the creation of enamel on ceramics in 1872 helped reinforce the city’s presence worldwide, thanks also to the dedication of artisans, whose hands have worked tirelessly, always repeating the same movements, with the same quest for excellence and the same passion since then.

In order to recognise this unique heritage, the constitution of an I.G.P (Indication Géographique Protégée – Geographical Heritage Hallmark) is under way as a result of the collaboration of the six local manufacturers of Emaux de Longwy and the public authorities actively involved in protecting the « Emaux de Longwy » label. LONGWY Paris is committed to this essential step forward that can only preserve the heritage and strengthen the future of Emaux de Longwy.

However, the Maison goes even further and has decided to create its own Poinçon that acknowledges superior quality requirements and excellence in handmade pieces. A quality stamp of approval visible on enameled pieces that truly respect the traditional processes involved in making authentic Emaux de Longwy, the Poinçon LONGWY Paris certifies exceptional work and creations that are exclusively handmade.

Only works that are a strict showcase of the ten points below can be adorned with this stamp.

1. A workshop set in Longwy, France ;
2. Original copyrighted creations ;
3. The conception of the models and moulds ;
4. The selection and preparation of the earth in our workshop ;
5. The production of « biscuits » and marking of the pieces by hand ;
6. The ring (in black or in colour) set traditionally, by hand or silk sheet ;
7. The drops of enamel applied by hand with a paint brush, spoon, knife or wood stick ;
8. The baking of enamel at 750°C ; and baking of gold or platinum at 650°C ;
9. The signature of the artisan(s) who executed the works ;
10. A « certificate of authenticity » presented jointly with the stamp of approval.

This is LONGWY Paris’ spirit, with its Poinçon being the ultimate quality label that gives all the works adorned with it unique, authentic and exceptional character. LONGWY Paris will officially introduce its Poinçon and its Master Artisan quality approach during MAISON & OBJET in Paris from 2nd to 6th September 2016 (Scènes d’intérieur – Hall 7 – Stand F84). From then onwards, all the creations that satisfy those criteria will bear the Poinçon.

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